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Once-daily eye drops to beautify the eyes.


Live Unfiltered

Most of us have used an Instagram filter at some point because it can instantly enhance the appearance of our faces. Have you noticed that a reason you may appear better is that some filters make the eyes seem larger and wider like a cartoon princess? What about makeup tutorials?


On Youtube you’ll find a seemingly endless number of makeup tutorials providing instruction on the art of enhancing the eyes by making them look bigger. Making your eyes look larger eyes can be a way of beautifying your whole face.


Now, what if you could give your eyes this effect without Instagram filters or Youtube tutorials?


Allow us to introduce you to UPNEEQ! 


UPNEEQ is used as a daily eye drop solution to treat acquired ptosis (low-lying eyelids). With extremely fast results, most patients in clinical trial studies had a lift in their eyelids in as little as two hours.


In one study, in particular, some patients noticed a lift in their eyelids as soon as five minutes after administering the first dose.


Additionally, UPNEEQ also helps patients see more even on the first day of treatment. 87.8% of patients stated some level of improved vision, and 74% of patients said they had more than 50% improvement in vision on day 14. UPNEEQ is designed only to be used as an eyedrop specifically to treat acquired ptosis (low-lying eyelids).


This solution should never be swallowed or ingested in any other way besides an eyedrop. Each vial of UPNEEQ contains enough solution to allow one drop in each eye.


How does it feel?

There is no pain associated with the application of UPNEEQ if applied properly. However, make sure to not let the tip of the vial touch your eyes as that contact may cause irritation. 

Most common side effects are extremely rare, but include some eye irritation and redness.

How long does it last?

UPNEEQ is a prescription eye drop that is used to treat acquired ptosis (or low-lying eyelids) in adults. UPNEEQ significantly improves the upper field of vision by lifting the upper eyelids quickly, safely, and without any severe side effects.


UPNEEQ’s effect begins between five and fifteen minutes after application, can last between eight and ten hours, and is taken once daily.

Am I a good candidate?

It is commonly said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Especially during a time when many of us are wearing masks, and the lower halves of our faces are concealed, most of our expressions are shown through our eyes. Everyone wants to appear as alert and attentive as possible at home and in their professional lives. If you are an adult who is bothered by the drooping or sleepy appearance of your eyes, or if you struggle with a reduced field of vision, you may be an excellent candidate for UPNEEQ. If you regularly wear contact lenses, rarely appear to look awake and alert, or strain to look at a computer screen, your eyes likely have some level of acquired ptosis.

Are there side effects?

The risks and side effects of UPNEEQ are minimal, and in clinical trials, it has been proven to be safe and effective when used as directed. Common side effects in 1-5% of patients include eye inflammation, eye redness, dry eye, blurred vision, instillation site pain, eye irritation, and headache. Make sure to let your provider know if you have heart disease, high or low blood pressure, or feel faint at rest or when quickly standing up because, in some cases, UPNEEQ can affect your blood pressure. Also, let your provider know if you take any antidepressants in the class of monoamine oxidase inhibitors as they may affect the way your body absorbs the medication.

Next steps?

Book a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate.  If you are medically eligible, we will provide you with a sample of the drops so you can try it before you buy it!  We offer membership rewards points with every purchase. 


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