If you've researched Emsculpt Miami FL, then you know it has a high satisfaction rating.  It received an 89% "Most Worth It" rating on Real Self.  


It's not painful. It's quick.  It's effective.  


So when you are selecting among the many fine practices offering this cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service and value are likely high on your list of considerations.  We offer both.


What you may not know, is that we received the very FIRST upgraded "Emsculpt neo" in South Florida.  It's a game changer. It's 63% STRONGER than the older Emsculpt "Classic" that you'll find at other practices.  

The Emsculpt neo Miami FL

(vs. the original Emsculpt)...

  • builds 25% more muscle mass vs. 16%

  • kills 30% of the fat vs. 19%

  • improves Diastasis Recti by 19% vs. 12%

  • shrinks waist circumference by 6 cm (2 inches)

  • improves skin texture and builds collagen!

Call us for a complimentary consultation and discover why so many people are choosing My Derma Clinic for their Emsculpt neo Miami FL treatments.

If you are a candidate, we even offer a complimentary 4-minute hook-up on the Emsculpt neo Miami FL device.  Plus, we are easy to get to from most of the Greater Miami area and we are open 7 days a week.

Call us today: 305-253-4772  or Text: 786-686-1979. 

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