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Cedric & Bo's


A Day for Self Care...

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Who, What,
Where & When?

Cedric & Bo have selected

My Derma Clinic Medical Aesthetic Spa

as the venue for a pre-wedding gathering

of their closest friends and allies.

Established in 2005,

My Derma Clinic Medical Aesthetics

has won numerous awards. 


MDC has been voted

Best MedSpa in Pinecrest

for the past 7 years.

Located at:

8517 SW 136th Street

Pinecrest, FL 33156

There is ample parking for guests.


APRIL 29th

Start time: 9 a.m.




To accommodate a large group, there are a few things that we will need to do in advance so that the festivities run smoothly.

Many of the service offerings are non-invasive medical treatments.  As such, there is documentation involved: consent forms, health histories, and photo documentation. 


This process is very educational and will permit the staff to curate an itinerary that will be suitable for your unique goals while taking into account any potential contraindications you may have or any medications you may be taking.

A pre-event visit is therefore required

for this documentation, education, and pre-screening.


The staff will send you electronic forms

to complete in advance of

your orientation visit.  

Allow 60 minutes for this visit.

Tay water bottle.jpg

Orientation Visit

Allow 60 minutes for this visit.

It will include: 

A review of your medical history

by a Nurse Practitioner

A tour of the facility

and explanation of

what to expect

the day of the event...

A VISIA computerized scan

and skin analysis with

an experienced esthetician

when you decide

to book a skincare service

for the day of the event...

If you are booking

ANY body treatments....

we will include a

3D Quantificare Body Scan

with laser measurements 

and an InBody 570

Body Composition Scan & Review

with a certified technician.

If you are booking any injectables

with our Nurse Practitioner,

we will include

TouchMD photography loaded

into your personal, HIPPA-compliant

patient portal which is filled

with a wealth of information

about the various services.

Our Patient Care Coordinator

will help you to finalize your services

for the day of the event.

The above screening, scans

and services are complimentary for

Cedric and Bo's guests

for their special day.


The day of the event, the following amenities will be included for all guests without charge ($200 value) when booking 2 or more services:

  • Sunlighten full-spectrum Sauna

  • Lymphatic Massage Rollers

  • Vibration Exercise Plate

  • Emsella Kegel Chair trial

Enjoying these amenities will add about 1 1/2 hours to the overall event time.  No substitutions.  If any of the above items are not used on the day of the event, the participant will have 2 weeks to avail themselves of the services or they will expire. They are non-transferrable.

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AdobeStock_270850922 2.JPEG

Skincare options


  • VISIA digital skincare analysis

  • 2nd Price reflects a 15% discount for Cedric & Bo's friends for the day of the event

  • Signature facial     $125 / $106 / 55m

  • Classic Hydrafacial     $175 / $149 / 35m

  • Deluxe Hydrafacial     $250 / $213 / 45m

  • Classic Diamond Glow  $199 / $169 / 35m

  • Deluxe Diamond Glow $299 / $254 /45m

  • Signature Dermaplaning  $175 / $149 / 1h


Skincare product samples


  • Not reflected in above price. 

  • $20-$30 per service is standard.

AdobeStock_270850922 2.JPEG

Medical options


  • VISIA digital skincare analysis

  • 2nd Price reflects a 10% discount

  • Myer’s Cocktail IV   $155 / $139 / 45m

  • MIC B-12 skinny shot     $49 / $44

  • Glutathione IV      $120 / $108 / 15m

  • Botox 24 units    $312 / $280 / 30m

  • Individual Consultation with NP if not having a medical service the day of the event is  $75*  This fee will be applied to any medical service performed within 30 days of the event.


20% off these lasers:

  • Moxi with Exosomes $1,050/$840/ 90m

  • SylfirmX with Exosomes $1,050/$840/ 90m


  • Skincare product samples


  • Not reflected in above price. 

  • $30 per laser service is typical.

AdobeStock_270850922 2.JPEG

Bodywork options

  • Bodywork treatments require pre-screening during your Orientation session as well as 3D scans.

  • Sunlighten Full-spectrum Sauna.  reg. $45 / INCLUDED for all guests / 30-45m

  • Emsella wellness chair trial $125/ INCLUDED for all guests / 15m

  • InBody570 Scan with printout and review $40 / $36 / 10m   *Included complimentary when booking a body treatment... Scan performed during Orientation session.

  • TENTATIVE: Lymphatic Massage Roller session      $27 15-mins.  *Included complimentary if booking a body treatment...

  • Venus Freeze for Abs

        $150 / $135 / 30m

  • Cryo T-Shock for Abs

        $350 / $315  30m

  • Emsculpt Neo for Abs

        $1,000 / SPECIAL: 2 people share for $299 total

  • EON Laser Lipolysis

        1 segment: $1,000 / $499 / 50% off

  • 2 EON laser segments

        $999 / 50% off list price

  • 3 EON laser segments

        $1,350 / 55% off list price


  • Not reflected in above price. 

  • $20-$30 per service is standard

AdobeStock_256006018 2.JPEG

Payment plan

(1) Non-refundable deposit of 50% of

your itinerary is due 60 days

in advance of this

phenominal event.

(2) The balance must be paid in full

no later than 21 days prior to

this unforgettable gathering.

The event may be reschedule or cancelled by the host and a full refund up to and until

45 days prior to the event.

No refunds for any reason after that date.

The above, discounted pricing

includes the $50 instant rebate

for downloading our MDC app

as well as Alle app rebates

that we will issue to you and

redeem on your behalf. 

The event begins at 9 am, unless you have been

provided with a different arrival time.

No discounts or rain checks will be

provided for late or absent attendees.





10:00 AM - 6:30 PM

SATURDAYS 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM



Ask for Christy or Margaret




8517 SW 136th Street

Pinecrest, FL 33156

(Next to Orangetheory Fitness)

Texts & Calls


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