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BOGO 2023

Summer Staycation Savings

Beauty Portrait


ALL FREE services MUST

be used withint 60 days of purchase. 

Paid services do not expire; however, any unused free services will be removed from the guest’s account after 60 days. 

Services performed before 60 days

will be deducted from the paid services first

and then from the free ones. 

Please only purchased what

you can use in the next 2 months.



MOXI laser or SylfirmX RFMN

Combo: Face, neck, hands with 2.5 Billion Exosomes $1,747, get one free. (Works out to only $873.50 each!)

No swapping for other body parts.

Membership tokens accepted.

Gratuities not included.


SkinPen Micro-needling

Face/neck & hands with 5B Exosomes: $999 BOGO.

Perform 3 weeks apart for best results.

Membership tokens accepted. 

Gratuities not included.

VIVA RF sublative rejuvenation

Face/neck $675, get one free.

Perform 3 weeks apart for best results.

Membership tokens accepted.

Gratuities not included.

VI Peels

$350 purify with precision plus BOGO.

Performed in ONE VISIT:

Covers face neck chest and back of hands…

OR full back treatment,

OR full arm treatment.

They can get any of the other VI PEELS,

but the price is still $350 for 2.

No Membership tokens can be accepted for this VI Peel deal.

NOTE: Care Credit cannot be used for the peel deal, SkinPen, or Moxi/SylfirmX offer. Gratuities not included.


Body Sculpting

EON Laser Lipolysis


Buy pkg 7 EON for $3500, get 7 free.

Buy pkg 4 for $2,950, get 4 free.

Buy pkg 3 for $2550, get 3 free.

EON: BOGO for SAME area - retreat in 6 weeks.

Care Credit ok for EON only.

Rollers, Sauna,

Emsella, Emtone,

Cryo T-Shock,

Venus Freeze (body)

Buy 10 at Regular price,

get 10 of the same.

Pick any combination to reach 10.

Membership tokens accepted.

Gratuities not included.

Emsculpt Neo

Specials for the Emsculpt neo

can only be discussed in person.

We are the #1 provider in Florida;

visit us and you'll understand why.



We are available 7 days a week.

Complimentary consultations

are available

Monday through Saturday,

by appointment.


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